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Sunday, 28 November 2010

New Blog Design on an Early Morning

Well, because my blog has had the exact same look since it was created, I decided it was about time I made some changes. Really there isn't much difference but I replaced the banner and background image and I might mess about with the layout later and experiment but for now I leave it be.

If anybody has any ideas about how I should change my blog then feel free to tell me your opinions.
(Not that I'm expecting much anyway.)

For now I will leave you with a Chicken on a Raft. Quite an abnormal website, so far I've spent 17 minutes 40 seconds on a raft with a chicken...

Saraba da.

Friday, 8 October 2010

S-Fox and a bit of Spice

Well, it's been quite a while since my last post. Mainly because I could not be bothered nor do I have anything to post about, not that it matters, with the lack of readers and whatnot.

Anyway, today S-Fox will be making an appearance at my place in a few minutes. He maybe or may not be drunk but either way, I have a bottle of good ol' port and a bottle of vodka, although there is not much left in either but it's enough to enjoy ourselves I guess.

I have to get up and walk to the bus stop to meet him. That means I have to leave my warm comfortable room which I do not want to do. But I can't just leave him out in the cold like a lost puppy. So I'll be leaving you now to go and collect him. I will post again later. I will also try blogging more often.

I bid you farebiddings.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Condom Party

Okay, so it's been a while since my last post because I could not be bothered writing nor do I have anything to talk about.

So S-Fox and I are sitting in my room waiting to attend a party tonight talking about condoms. We came up with a few interesting ideas, including the Mr. Blobby condom a.k.a. "The Blobdom". This also ties in to the sexual act "The Blobber", in which you slap your partner across the cheek with your penis wrapped in "The Blobdom" and exclaim, "BLOBBY BLOBBY BLOBBY!"

We plan to create a comedy condom company named Comedoms. We will create many different novelty cock socks for your sexual amusement.

For those who do not know who Mr. Blobby is, here is a link to his picture:

From Saint Fox:
B-Lion is playing guitar, and wasn't sure how to finish off the post so I am taking over this post! In other news, tonight we shall be attending a party with Duckiemeaw, in her home town of Lisburn. All I know is the girls name who owns the house, as for who will be there is a complete mystery.
But it's an opportunity to drink! And that's what we Irishmen do best! We'll try and get some pictures for your amusement. We'll be bringing a 13/14 year old girl we have dubbed "Little One", so it should be amusing.
Alright, so until a hopefully hangover-less tomorrow, sayonara blog! And remember to check out my blog here!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Past Two Days and Funny Pictures

Well as I said in previous posts, I would be going to work with Stephen in Dublin for a couple of days. All went fine and it was a good experience for me. Except for the waking up at half five in the morning. That cannot be good for my body.

We started off on early Tuesday morning at half six and began our two hour drive to Dublin. Our first stop was an Argos just outside the city. Not much happened there, but I did see a refrigerator covered in destruction? Literally. A fridge was wrapped up in yellow tape which had the word Destroy repeated over it. I could feel the ominous vibes emitting from it. But then again, that's probably just an exaggeration because it was only a fridge.

After that we stopped at a Homebase. Quite an exciting job. Because the building had no roof access we had to use a cherry picker like vehicle called a Genie Boom.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Today and Tomorrow

Tomorrow, at long last, my sister will be going back to university meaning I finally have my room back. It pleases me to know that I can stay up late without her bothering me and getting annoyed because she can't sleep and I am also happy that I will now have more space to put my own belongings. Of course, my parents will be going over to Scotland with her for a few days to help bring her things over e.g. suitcase, CDs, DVDs etc. Because of this I will have a nearly empty house (my brother will still be here) and we all know what that means... Party!

So I've decided to call a few of my friends down, including S-Fox, down for a drink etc. Should be amusing, which it usually is, especially when I start cooking at four in the morning. Although, I still have to tidy the place first. Don't want people thinking I am messy...

Well on another note. S-Fox came down to my place earlier today to play. Again, just like last time, we played the Sega, tried completing Streets of Rage 2 on Hardest mode, but that didn't work out too well. Only made it to Stage 5 I think. In all, it was an interesting day just like most days with S-Fox.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Another Post that Includes Some Things

So, it's been a few days since my last post. That was because I have had nothing to say recently. Since my last post on Saturday, I have spent my time lying in bed with my 'amazing' laptop, playing games and listening to music. Truthfully, nothing interesting has happened or is happening (I just thought I would post to let you all know that I'm not dead yet). Although earlier, I found out that next Tuesday, I will be out working with Stephen for a couple of days in Dublin. Luckily he's going to be paying me because I'll be needing some money if I want to go to Eirtakon this year. So hopefully everything works out.

Recently, I have been wanting to continue work on the dating simulation that I've been creating, but every time I am about to start, I lose all motivation. Whenever I look at the many lines of code I have already written, I just feel tired. I am at a complete stand still with my project and need something to encourage me like playing more dating sims.

I am also getting quite excited. It's one more month until the Fall/Autumn anime releases are out! I am really looking forward to it.
For more information on the new releases look at this: Fall/Autumn Releases

I guess that is all I have to say for now.

Saraba da.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

SF's Visit and Zombie's

Today or yesterday depending on your current location, S-Fox came over to my place. We played FarCry 2 for a bit and killed some guys with sniper rifles and explosives, then SF decided to play some Sonic the Hedgehog music on the laptop and I got a craving to play it. So I fished out my old Sega Megadrive and set it all up although it took us a lot of effort to get it installed because we don't have much knowledge in working a TV.

Once we started playing, we managed to get to the third zone of the Metropolis stage in Sonic 2 but because we weren't used to the old Megadrive controllers we failed. It seems our seven year old selves could have done better, but lets not go into the details of that.

After we messed about with the cheats in Sonic 2, we decided to play Vectorman, which SF though was a strange game, but I quite liked it.

Right now, I decided that I would watch a movie online and because of my addiction to zombie apocalypse movies, I just had to watch Day of the Dead. Hopefully I don't get to scared tonight.


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Recovery and Home Visit

It's been two days since my last post and since the party and now I am fully recovered from the alcohol intake. So much happened that night and there is so much that I can't remember. I ended up pretty drunk and stoned and walked about the house wondering what to do at five in the morning. I supposed it was a good night from what I actually do remember.

It also seems that S-Fox is paying me a home visit later today. I guess we'll be playing the Xbox 360 and whatever else there is to do in my humble abode. Maybe we will post a blog or vblog or something.

I guess that's all. Goodbye for now. I'll blog again later.

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Okay, as I said in my last post, I was contemplating on going to this party my friend had invited me to which happens to be tonight.

Now, as I also said, I don't have any money. So I asked my parents a few minutes ago to loan me some and of course the whole conversation of, "Why don't you get a job? You can't live off our money for the rest of your life." came up and so, they gave me just enough to by some beer or cider, but I guess that will do.

And so I am now getting ready for this party while waiting for my friend to contact me. Which is taking quite a while... I just hope she didn't leave without me. Because I have no idea where the party is. So I guess I'll just have to wait.

I suppose this will be my first and last post of the day, so I bid ye all a good night.



Well, this will be my last post of the night I guess. Anyway, it would seem like I have gathered a small gathering of slaves(followers) today and I welcome you all to my humble blog.

Anyway, on to the main subject of conversation.
I was just told that there is a party tomorrow and my friend invited me. There will be drink and people etc. but I have a couple of problems that I shall list for you:
The first and most imposing:
I have no money.

The second: 
I made a deal with my friend to stop drinking for a while.

Now, as much as I want to go, I can't just make money appear out of no where, but I could always ask my parents. Hopefully they will be feeling generous and loan me some cash which ultimately I will never pay back.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Poem Submissions

For those of you that have noticed, there is a poems section in the sidebar that was wrote by S-Fox and myself. So I decided I would take poems submitted by various people and make a collection. Therefore, if you want to add a poem just post it below in the comment section and it will be added.

I hope to make a large collection of interesting poems. Anyone can submit if they feel up for it.
Please leave a name with the post or an alias is fine too.


Robots don't bleed!

While randomly searching youtube one night not so long ago, I came upon this interesting video involving dinosaurs and the Super Action Squad!
I thought maybe I should share it with you all.

Story Progress and Other Joyous Wonders

Well after slaving away for many hours, I finally manage to start my story. Although it took me most of the night to do, I still don't believe that it is up to my original standard, but for now I guess it'll have to do.
Anyway, I suppose I'll tell you all about it.

It's a rewrite of a story I wrote with the same name in my last years of high school. It was based on four short plots created by the one and only Saint Fox.

Originally, he made them for me to turn into a manga, but instead I turned them into short stories. Although they were never completed, I believed them to be one of my best works.

It was all about Demon Hunting with a hint of romance between "siblings".

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Creative Writing

And so at exactly 9p.m. I begin work on my short story.

Well, I decided that I would begin writing a short story to pass the time. Although, I have no idea where to begin with it.

What kind of story should I write?
How will I make it interesting?
What writing style should I use?
What names can I use for the characters?
How long should I make it? Should I just write as much as I feel or should I have a set limitation on the length?
How will I begin creating a storyline without any ideas?

And so forth. I'll guess I'll have to start brainstorming if I want to move forward.

If you're interested in this piece of writing, then go to the "Creative" page and keep checking up on it. I will be updating it as I go along.

I hope those of you who do read it, enjoy my work.

Also, for those who are interested, S-Fox is also writing a short story. So check it out sometime.



Well, as you can see, I decided to place some ads on my blog using the Google AdSense service.

Really, I thought I would earn myself some pocket change while I sit around doing nothing, which doesn't seem too bad, if I do say so myself.

Although, I'm not too sure how it really works... Do you earn money through clicks or do you earn money just by having the ads sitting around gathering dust? Either way, I wouldn't know because I never bothered reading the instructions or what, there was too much text...

Well, no matter. I just hope to have some spending money rather than sponging of parents and while we're making wishes I might as well throw another one out there; I wish to have a job in the near future.
-Claps hands together and bows to the Gods-

Well that's that. 

Fall/Autumn Anime Releases

Well, it's been about 2 hours since my last post and I thought I would just tell you all about the Fall/Autumn anime releases that have caught my eye.

First of all is
Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World Only God Knows)
I, personally, am quite excited about this anime. Being a huge fan of the manga, I was quite excited when I found out a few months ago. I just hope Takahara Ayumi is in it. <3

To Aru Majustu no Index 2 (A Certain Magical Index)
The first series was amazing, along with the side story, 'To Aru Kagaku no Railgun'. I have high expectations of this anime, let's just hope it lives up to them.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister can’t be this Cute)
I can't wait to watch this series, simply because of the imouto-moe factor. Little sisters are the best!

Exciting First Post?

Well, this is it. My first post. I guess I'll be using this blog when I have something I want to complain about or when something exciting happens in my life... Like today I found out about the Mirai Nikki anime. That made me happy, very happy.

Or something like, annoying people being annoying, like they usually are.
I'm just going to post things here, rather than saying anything to a certain someone (whoever that may be). Whether you read my blogs or not is up to you. Either way, I'll keep on posting and eventually get bored of this, which probably won't take too long.

Anyway, on to the main subject. It is currently 4.07am and I still do not feel tired in the slightest. My sleeping habits have went from bad to worse in the past year or so. I stay up until 8 in the morning and sleep until 6 in the evening. Sometimes I don't even sleep at all. Why, I hear you ask? No particular reason. I'm usually reading manga or watching anime, sometimes even working on my Dating Sim game, "Kingdom of the Third". But other than that, I have no reason.