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Thursday, 2 September 2010


Well, this will be my last post of the night I guess. Anyway, it would seem like I have gathered a small gathering of slaves(followers) today and I welcome you all to my humble blog.

Anyway, on to the main subject of conversation.
I was just told that there is a party tomorrow and my friend invited me. There will be drink and people etc. but I have a couple of problems that I shall list for you:
The first and most imposing:
I have no money.

The second: 
I made a deal with my friend to stop drinking for a while.

Now, as much as I want to go, I can't just make money appear out of no where, but I could always ask my parents. Hopefully they will be feeling generous and loan me some cash which ultimately I will never pay back.

Now the second problem isn't hard to get around. I whole heartedly believe that one week is long enough to let my liver recover from the excessive drinking that occured over the summer.

But, I'm still contemplating on whether I should go or not. What do you guys think? Should I beg for money or should I stay indoors all day, lurking the internet, occassionally popping out for a smoke?

After mentioning smoking, I feel like popping outside now to puff on an extreme stick of cancerous death and turmoil.

Saraba da.


redbaron said...

drink on my friend

marko said...

smoke weed it's cheaper :D

Cool-Beans said...


Frooty Looper said...

I love drinking... but yeah itcost so much... I wish I had more money...somehow...