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Sunday, 5 September 2010

SF's Visit and Zombie's

Today or yesterday depending on your current location, S-Fox came over to my place. We played FarCry 2 for a bit and killed some guys with sniper rifles and explosives, then SF decided to play some Sonic the Hedgehog music on the laptop and I got a craving to play it. So I fished out my old Sega Megadrive and set it all up although it took us a lot of effort to get it installed because we don't have much knowledge in working a TV.

Once we started playing, we managed to get to the third zone of the Metropolis stage in Sonic 2 but because we weren't used to the old Megadrive controllers we failed. It seems our seven year old selves could have done better, but lets not go into the details of that.

After we messed about with the cheats in Sonic 2, we decided to play Vectorman, which SF though was a strange game, but I quite liked it.

Right now, I decided that I would watch a movie online and because of my addiction to zombie apocalypse movies, I just had to watch Day of the Dead. Hopefully I don't get to scared tonight.



poopstm said...

have a nice streaming movie :)

Crispy said...

Look at this daily support! Isn't it awesome? Doesn't it just make you want to return the favor?!

Saint Fox said...

"because we weren't used to the old Megadrive controllers we failed"

That's our reason? LOL

Brave Lion said...

Yes that is our reason! There can't be any other.

redbaron said...

your post makes me wish i still had a snes

Slumph said...

Loves the blog layout.. but man.. FarCry 2 is "OKAY".. but its nothing survivally.. like I would of hoped for or expected.. sept when you get screwed over and have to hide whilst the NPCS maraude around aimlessly, looking for you whilst you look for your means of escape or gun an entire town down.. :P

Crispy said...

Showing some love. Lovin' the blog.