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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Recovery and Home Visit

It's been two days since my last post and since the party and now I am fully recovered from the alcohol intake. So much happened that night and there is so much that I can't remember. I ended up pretty drunk and stoned and walked about the house wondering what to do at five in the morning. I supposed it was a good night from what I actually do remember.

It also seems that S-Fox is paying me a home visit later today. I guess we'll be playing the Xbox 360 and whatever else there is to do in my humble abode. Maybe we will post a blog or vblog or something.

I guess that's all. Goodbye for now. I'll blog again later.


Saint Fox said...

I think you're still drunk. Read over your blog!

poopstm said...

lol same for me :D

Crispy said...

Nice blog. Showing some daily support.

Duckiemeaw said...

lol i was made 2 go fishing then babysittin wtf! still not recovered!