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Monday, 4 July 2011

Ein and Zwei

Well it's been over a year since S-Fox and I began our music project, Ein and Zwei. We made four songs excluding, Big Issue which was just us messing about(and funnily enough actually what started up Ein and Zwei). If you haven't checked out any of our stuff go to http://www.youtube.com/einandzwei.

But the point I'm getting at is, we haven't done anything since we released our final song, Universe(which was a failure). But now after a one year long haitus, we are back! We shall be uploading a teaser to the above youtube channel today which will give you all a taste of our new sound.

Right now we're trying to go for a trance/agrotech sound a.k.a. agrotrance. We're not sure how it will go but we hope to here good things. But tell us your honest feelings and not something to make us feel good. Criticism is good. :D
Thank you and goodbye!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Strange Dreams of Apocalypse

So I'm back and posting again and hopefully this time for good. Going to try and post regularly with rants etc. and possibly work up a following of followers.

- - -

So these past few days I've been having really weird dreams, mostly about zombie apocalypses... It all started off three days ago when I was having trouble sleeping due to the heat, while making up random scenarios in my head to pass the time. Finally, when I fell into a short term hibernation, it began.