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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Strange Dreams of Apocalypse

So I'm back and posting again and hopefully this time for good. Going to try and post regularly with rants etc. and possibly work up a following of followers.

- - -

So these past few days I've been having really weird dreams, mostly about zombie apocalypses... It all started off three days ago when I was having trouble sleeping due to the heat, while making up random scenarios in my head to pass the time. Finally, when I fell into a short term hibernation, it began.

I start off walking around a large, crowded building with a couple of people. There were no windows and it seemed like some kind of underground futuristic bunker. The people I was walking with were wearing suits, so I get the feeling they were supposed to be business men or something like that, maybe they were secret agents, I don't know. But anyway, suddenly a few people grab their heads while screaming in pain. They start running about the hall, taking bites out of their own arms, everyone else moves out of their ways as the dash past them. Everyone is completely shocked and don't know what to do. At this point the small group starts turning a green colour(like zombies from the old horror movies) and they all begin to look the exact same. Their hair turns grey and starts falling out, their clothes somehow become ripped and tattered. This is where everyone, including me, starts to panic, running in the only two directions they could down the long corridor. I see behind me the green people(henceforth shall be known as zombies) attacking others as they run, cries of agony echoing through the halls.
For some reason, nobody tries to run for an exit, so my only guess could be that there was no way out. This setting kind of reminds me the first Resident Evil movie. So now it's turned into a fight for survival. From here I can't remember much, but we do find out the cause behind all of this.
Some kind of spores had made it into the ventilation system and were effectively inhaled by humans. Now this bit reminds me of Fallout: New Vegas with Vault 22 and the Spore Carriers.
After all of this, everything seems to return to normal, just like had what happened never actually happened, like we had went back in time or somebody had pressed the reset button. But it happens again only this time, I've been trapped alone in a dead end by two zombies. So my only option is to somehow get past them. I dodge my way past the first one as it tries to grab onto me and just as I reach the second, I wake up...

The next dream I cannot remember the start of it, but the setting is like his:
Monsters have been killing humans while disguising themselves to fit into society. Eventually they manage to take over a whole city. (This relates to the manga Parasyte.)
We, a resistance faction, have to infiltrate an office block which the monsters are using as their base. So I ride inside the Impenetrable Flying Fortress which is piloted by an 'female' android, which I have inconveniently fallen in love with. Now this is starting to sound like the galge, Muv Luv Alternative... So we blast our way through the hordes of creatures and break our way into the building. We make our way down as we entered from the roof, hiding from the monsters in human skin. This is where the dream ends and I wake up.

This next dream scared me a little. Everything is in a third person perspective. Two guys are in a school about to go home, it's pitch black outside and you can't see anything. One forgot something in the classroom and goes back to get it while the other waits at the bottom of the stairs in the dimly light reception area. Suddenly everything goes blurry and when my vision returns to normal the guy who was waiting, is lying on the floor in a pool of this own blood. At this point the other one is on his way back down and my view switches to the first person and I become him. So I reach the bottom of the stairs and see my friend on the floor. Walking over to him I notice multiple rips all over his body and nail marks all over the wall beside where he lay. Weirdest thing was, my friend was still smiling despite the evidence that he struggled while he was attacked. When I see this, I start freaking out and look out the window. Outside is something shaped like a person clad in a black cloak and a long, white mask that was pointed at the end.
When I woke up, I didn't even want to leave my bed because it was still dark. Eventually I just went back to sleep and so began a new dream.

This one goes back to the zombie apocalypse and for some reason, I'm a member of a modern day pirate crew... We were sailing about the oceans in a large, wooden frigate like real pirates. We dock at some island resort and stay at a small cabin in the middle of a tropical forest. After doing whatever we did there, we decide to board a cruise ship which could somehow carry our frigate inside. This is where our troubles begin.
While we're wandering the ship, the zombie attack begins. But unlike normal zombies you hear about in books or movies, they couldn't be killed. Shooting them anywhere didn't even affect them. We blow them up but they just somehow merged back together and continued their attack. Killing nearly everyone, me and some of my crew manage to escape in our boat(after finding out that spraying aerosol into the zombies wounds was the only way to kill them) and make it back to land, thinking we're finally safe.
A few days pass and I'm walking along the beach and notice that the army has been deploy to this beach. Soldiers, mobile missile launchers, submarines, destroyer ships, tanks, all different things were there. When I asked a normal person what was going on they told me a cruise ship containing hundreds of "zombies" had completely wiped out everyone in the Netherlands and was currently on its way to where we were. At this point, I was horrified because I knew that none of these weapons would stop them. So I tried to warn them but nobody would listen and just pushed me aside. Everything after that is vague but just before the zombies reached us, I awoke.

All these dreams happened within the past three days and has got me wondering, is there something wrong with my mentality? Or could these be some kind of... prophecy? Maybe sometime in the near future the zombie apocalypse will happen. 2012... Heh, but whatever. These dreams are just weird and the fact they've happened three days in a row is just worrying...

Well that's it for now I guess.

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