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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Story Progress and Other Joyous Wonders

Well after slaving away for many hours, I finally manage to start my story. Although it took me most of the night to do, I still don't believe that it is up to my original standard, but for now I guess it'll have to do.
Anyway, I suppose I'll tell you all about it.

It's a rewrite of a story I wrote with the same name in my last years of high school. It was based on four short plots created by the one and only Saint Fox.

Originally, he made them for me to turn into a manga, but instead I turned them into short stories. Although they were never completed, I believed them to be one of my best works.

It was all about Demon Hunting with a hint of romance between "siblings".

A quick summary of the storyline
At the young age of 6, Cody Valentine lost his parents when they were murdered. Adopted by close friends of the family, he was taken in and cared for. Everyday is peaceful and fun with his sister Suisei and their friends, until his foster parents are also killed, leaving a message on the wall... "Uri".
Could this be some kind of clue to the killer's identity? Or could it be something more meaningful. But one thing is for sure, both Cody's parents and foster parents were killed by the same person.

And that's basically it.

In other news, it seems that Brandon B at Brandon Draws! has released a new comic. Check it out, it involves a guy being burned.

And if that doesn't interest you then try reading his Crow Dad comics.

That's all for now folks.


And yes, I am the top referrer to Brandon Draws this week apparently. 

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Saint Fox said...

You're so modest. You forgot to mention that you're top referrer at Brandon Draws! ;D