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Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Past Two Days and Funny Pictures

Well as I said in previous posts, I would be going to work with Stephen in Dublin for a couple of days. All went fine and it was a good experience for me. Except for the waking up at half five in the morning. That cannot be good for my body.

We started off on early Tuesday morning at half six and began our two hour drive to Dublin. Our first stop was an Argos just outside the city. Not much happened there, but I did see a refrigerator covered in destruction? Literally. A fridge was wrapped up in yellow tape which had the word Destroy repeated over it. I could feel the ominous vibes emitting from it. But then again, that's probably just an exaggeration because it was only a fridge.

After that we stopped at a Homebase. Quite an exciting job. Because the building had no roof access we had to use a cherry picker like vehicle called a Genie Boom.

Using that, we got onto the roof which was quite high up and very windy. I could feel the machine swaying in the wind, plus the fact that it was really cold. For the second roof I decided to stay at ground level and went to buy some drinks. After Stephen had finished on the second roof, we took a break.

Setting his drink down on the wheel of the Boom, Stephen forgets about it and lights up a cigarette. Then he continued working on the third and last roof. So he moves the Boom forward and hears a loud bang. Wondering what it could have been, he reverses only to find a crushed bottle of Coca Cola. After that we finished up and left for the next place.

The places we went to after that aren't really interesting enough to mention. I really just sat around doing nothing while Stephen did most of the work.

Finally we finished and got back to the hotel at about half six. Now this was a weird hotel as it was run by the French and most of the patrons were French. Well, once we got back we left our stuff in the room and headed to the restaurant for food. I ordered a half roasted chicken and when when it arrived at the table I was surprised to find half a small chicken on my plate. It was as if they just cut a chicken in half, plucked the feathers and then cooked it. Needless to say, it was a very nice meal.

After that we had a few pints and watched the football(soccer) on the television.

The next morning, we got up at half five in the morning and began our drive to House of Fraser, were I got to see what happens out the back of the store and I also had to carry a pretty heavy box for a couple of hours straight. My arms really hurt after that.

Next we went to TK Maxx and instead of going to the roof to do what we were supposed to do, we decided to sit outside. Then we went back inside and pretended we had finished the work.

When we returned to the car, I decided to sleep for a while. Finally I woke up and we were just about to leave for home.

After another two hour drive, we finally arrived! I was so happy to see a familiar sight after two days. Then I went to sleep and ended the day. I was so tired that I could barely stand anymore.

As you all know, I was partying last Friday. I just thought I would show you all some pictures from that night.
He Loves his baby

Jack puked and passed out
That's what happens when you sleep with me near by
For the rest of these photos visit my Facebook and check out the images.


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