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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Exciting First Post?

Well, this is it. My first post. I guess I'll be using this blog when I have something I want to complain about or when something exciting happens in my life... Like today I found out about the Mirai Nikki anime. That made me happy, very happy.

Or something like, annoying people being annoying, like they usually are.
I'm just going to post things here, rather than saying anything to a certain someone (whoever that may be). Whether you read my blogs or not is up to you. Either way, I'll keep on posting and eventually get bored of this, which probably won't take too long.

Anyway, on to the main subject. It is currently 4.07am and I still do not feel tired in the slightest. My sleeping habits have went from bad to worse in the past year or so. I stay up until 8 in the morning and sleep until 6 in the evening. Sometimes I don't even sleep at all. Why, I hear you ask? No particular reason. I'm usually reading manga or watching anime, sometimes even working on my Dating Sim game, "Kingdom of the Third". But other than that, I have no reason.
As you probably know, this is quite unhealthy and I should fix this, but when I begin reading a manga with a good storyline or begin watching an interesting anime, I just can't sleep. Every hour or so I tell myself, "I'll finish this chapter/episode, then I'll go to sleep and continue tomorrow." But then something intriguing happens in the storyline, making me want more. This happens on many occasions throughout the night until I have completely finished the series.

But because of this, my body is becoming tired and I always feel fatigued, both physically and mentally, which makes it hard to work on my game... Well anyway, I guess I've ranted on for long enough. Best get back to the manga I was reading...


1 comment:

Saint Fox said...

You better start waking up earlier. D: Well... I'm going back to college... but for SATURDAYS! Wake the hell up!
Did you sit up editing this fucking template all night?
ps. welcome to Blogger, have a nice day. ;D